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Photographic Portfolio
Demonstration of Color Technique

Self Portrait
I digitally added in the Gremlins!

This was a very rough backpacking trip. It rained constantly except for the last day. Some of my equipment failed and needed to be replaced. At the approach to Sunrise Mountain, where I was to be picked-up, I posed for this picture.  This is not my best moment.

Indeed, one would have thought I had been followed about by a horde of Gremlins because of all the trouble I had on this trip, but we all know they do not exist. I, at least, have never seen one...

Another experiment at blending artificial scene elements (the Gremlins) into a photograph. This picture is a self-portrait. It is of me on the Appalachian Trail about 1989. I have only been on portions of this huge trail and never longer  than four days at a time. Do you believe in Gremlins?

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