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The Appalachian Trail

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Demonstration of Color Technique

Nature/Landscape Photography
Digitally edited to add a dragon

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,000 mile-long (3,200 Kilometers) hiking trail stretching along the eastern coast of the US from the states of Georgia through Maine. It sees many travelers every year, but this one was such a fantastic site I just had to take its picture...

The photograph itself is unedited. I took it while on the Appalachian Trail in either the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York (the mid-Atlantic area) about 1989. The dragon figure was rendered in Poser 4 against a blue screen and added to the photograph to create the final image.

When I was in my 20's, whatever free time I had was often spent roaming the hills and woods of the mid-Atlantic area. It provided a change of pace from the routine of work and college (and later, graduate school) that I had fallen into. I believe them to be a very special place.

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