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Galadriel's Garden

Photographic Portfolio
Demonstration of Color Technique

Nature/High Magnification Photography
Digitally added elements (see notes)

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I took the photograph used in this image in 1989 with an Olympus OM-1 attached to a Questar telescope on 25 speed Kodak Ektar film. You don't see many pictures like it, mainly because not many people point a telescope at an object 4 meters away when they are attempting this type of photography. Come to think of it, normal people do not use 25 speed film for this type of work either. None-the-less, I thought the outcome was worth the effort.

Additional elements for the final composition where created in Poser 3. I then combined the photograph with the new Poser 3 generated elements in Paint Shop Pro 5. I tend not to use layers, I prefer going pixel by pixel and using a very careful choice of various blurs. Takes longer, but I like the results.

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