Most people remember Fables as children's tales. What is often forgotten is that these where originally written for adults to teach them morality and proper behavior, and degenerated into children's tales over the millennia. The few versions of Fables that still exist in their "adult" form are, more often than not, so archaic that both the story and the message is lost to all save a handful of scholars. What I attempt here is to re-introduce to the modern adult reader the Fable, perhaps the oldest form of storytelling we know of.

Have you ever wondered, "How did Fairies learn to be the good folk that they are? How are they taught right from wrong?" It was obvious to me that they to must have similar tales to those we humans tell. Careful research has revealed to me that there are indeed, Fairy Fables. I have begun translating a few and am delighted to offer them here for you to read.

Of the over one hundred fables I have written, fourteen appear below. The entire collection may be self-published someday, funds permitting. You will find some of the Fables will be familiar to you while some will be new. I hope they will all be enjoyable.

Manny's Fables: A new translation of the Fairy Fables

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Fable Name: Page Number
The Ant and the Fairy 1
The Bear and the Two Fairies 1
The Lion and the Fairy 1
The Panther and the Fairies 1
The Fairy, the Weasel, and the Lion 1
The Ants and the Fairy 1
The Fairy Who Would Be King 1
The Guardian Fairy and the Bear 2
The Miser and the Fairy 2
The Astronomer and the Fairy 2
The Bear and the Bees 2

The Fairy and the Gemstone

The Wolf and the Fairy 2
The Merchant and the Fairy 2

You are currently viewing the index page.
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Thank you for reading Manny's Fables.
I will gladly translate more if there is interest.

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