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Hope is a light in the darkness,
It sustains us when we want to surrender,
It provides courage when the heart falters,
It twists and bends yet does not break,
Do not seek it, for hope lives in each and everyone of us,

Hope will illuminate the darkest of hours
What has happened is unchangeable,
What will happen is unknown,
What is happening now can be wonderful,
Let the hope that is in you shine forth and all will be well.

The poem "Hope" is copyright 2001 by Manuel Revilla

I wrote this poem some time ago. I do not know whether it is any good as writing poetry is not something I excel at, and I seldom share it with anyone. However, given certain events during 2001, I thought I would make this one exception. It seemed fitting to include it here with this image. 

This image is for Julia.

Having upgraded to the latest version of Bryce (version 5), I decided to test some of its new features. Some additional editing was performed with Paint Shop Pro. A digital watermark and copyright notice was then added. The end result is the image you see here.

This image concludes the 2001 additions to this gallery. The next new image will appear in 2002. As always: Comment away! I enjoy knowing what you think of my work.

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Hope is copyright 2001 by Manuel Revilla, all rights reserved.
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