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Happy Holidays From All Of Us...

While some of the staff was away on Winter Holiday, those of us still in the office decided to gather for a group portrait...

This image turned out rather well. There are some elements from a photograph I posed for, and some which where computer created. The key to making this image work is in the lighting. Notice the light blue glow added to the tip of the staff, and the way the glow illuminates both portions of the photograph and the computer generated models. It is lighting that is used to bind elements of the image together into a cohesive whole. Hopefully you enjoy the effect! 

This is the first image I have been able to post in a couple months. While I provide incentives (discounts, etc.) in return for permission to include an image in my portfolio or on this web site, when you deal with digitally manipulating images most people want total anonymity. Sometimes I don't even keep copies of the files. I have started setting aside time on a regular basis that is devoted to composing additional images for my web site. There will be more images!

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