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The Legacy

...and so when time succeeded where no mortal enemy could, Tabarna was quietly laid to rest in a small burial chamber. A simple raised pedestal marked the exact spot. Upon this pedestal a bronze brazier was lit, and stone sentinels where placed to stand guard over the millennia. The burial chamber was sealed and the location eventually forgotten.

Yet years after other great deeds are forgotten, when the sentinels have decayed, the story of the good knight lives on. A remarkable tale of what an honest man and a cause can accomplish. 

According to legend, the light in the burial chamber never died. So long as somewhere, someplace, someone searches for a light in the darkness - the flame will burn for them...

The second of two images in the series. There are two main features. The first is the mirrored ceiling. This was complicated by it not being a a flat mirror but rather both curved and recessed (and composed of multiple geometric parts). The second is the bronze brazier. The coals and fire had to be just right, and it is the sole light source in the image.

One these two features where in place the rest of the image fell into place easily, if not quickly. This image concludes the 1999 additions to this gallery. The next new image will appear in January 2000.

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