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... Tabarna glanced at what remained of his oddball troop, then turned his attention to the enemy below. To exhausted for tactics, they where gathering all they had left for one massive, final charge. He could not comprehend why it was the day had not yet been decided, for he was badly outnumbered and his force ill-positioned.

The last of the Lion's of Shaushka could only shrug. It only mattered that he stood when the others decided it was not convenient to do so. As the drums slowly started the rhythm of yet another advance,  a warm wind caressed the blood-soaked hilltop, whispering "Destiny"...

The first of two images in this series, it represents an experiment into custom textures and bump mappings to see if it is possible to achieve a level of realism in Poser that rivaled that of some of my other images rendered using Bryce. You can form your own opinions on the success of this project.

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Destiny is copyright 1999 by Manuel Revilla, all rights reserved.
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