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Photographic Portfolio
Demonstration of -
Sepia Technique: Top Left
Color Technique: Top Right, Bottom Left
Motion Blur Technique: Bottom Right

Live Performance
02 June 2002
Blue Bell, PA

This photograph is a collage of four separate images.

Viewers will either love or hate the "sepia" photograph at the top left. (A bit of trivia:  The term sepia normally refers to the dual tone photographs taken during the mid to late 19th century. Occasionally the term sepia is also used to describe colored photographs taken during the 1940's.) It all depends on how you feel about having an "antique" look to a photograph.

A motion blur photograph (bottom right) can be taken in one of two ways. You can either make the subject appear to be steady while the background blurs (you will see this technique used in many car racing photographs) or you can keep the background clear while allowing the the subject to blur. The latter is what I choose to do as it is the more difficult of the two to accomplish without a the use of a tripod. The end result is somewhat "artsy" so, as with the sepia, viewers will tend to have strong feelings about the photograph.

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Bigg Romeo

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