The Awards!

Please Note: I do not apply for awards. In my opinion, the only awards with meaning are those given unsolicited. A huge Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to recognize my work.

These awards are presented in chronological (time) order.
(i.e. the newest awards are towards the bottom)

I was the first person to win this award.
It was such a surprise!
The Lady Sorceress Elements of The Goddess Award
The Lady Sorceress Elements of the Goddess Award
Lady's Chamber

What  a most unexpexpected and pleasant award!
It seems Manny's Fables has earned a following!
Maeve's Moon Award
Maeve's Moon Award
Maeve's Secret Sídhe Realm

A special award for this artist!
It seems a fairy or three out there like my images.

fairyweb special award
tara's Fairy Web Special Award
The Fairy Web

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