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Remember Me

This image is dedicated to everyone who has suffered a loss in their lives.

One of the things I hope to achieve in my work is to go beyond the concept of the digital image as just "eye candy". I believe that the digital  image can be created in such a way as to bring about an emotional response from its viewers. It is up to you to decide how well I am doing. 

This image has been re-created from an original I had finished in February 1999. In the original I was forced to remove some picture elements in order for the computer I had at the time to render the image without crashing. The original image with the omitted detail can be seen by clicking the button labeled "Back" at the top of this web page.

Some of you will prefer the new version, some the old, so both versions of the image will be kept available for you to view.

This image is available in several sizes for you to enjoy as desktop wallpaper. You may click on any of the following links to gain access to a larger image. Please choose from: 800x600 and 1024x768. Remember that these larger image files will take longer to download!
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Remember Me is copyright 2000 by Manuel Revilla, all rights reserved.
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